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A blog on sustainability in tourism

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Sustainability and positive impact business are topics that have always been present in my life in some way. This is one of the reasons why today sustainability is an inseparable subject in my daily life and is so present in my professional career.

As an enthusiast of sustainable development of cities, I seek to explore my research skills in this subject. Therefore, I have been a Master in Hospitality at Anhembi Morumbi University since 2017, when I researched in depth the topic of urban hospitality. In addition, I am part of the group of researchers of the IPCCIC (Paulista Institute for Creative Cities and Cultural Identities).

Although I love research, I dedicate most of my time to corporate sustainability working on different fronts. For 4 years, I have been a consultant in sustainable development in tourism at R&D Consultoria, a company that has the environmental agenda printed in its DNA and where I am ahead of two exclusive projects for the tourism sector: carbon emission neutralization in travel agencies and ESG for small and medium enterprises.

For 10 years I have been a partner at Clube Turismo Ribeirão Preto and responsible for expanding the Clube Turismo brand in the State of São Paulo. Although since 2020 my dedication is part-time to dedicate myself also to motherhood, the day-to-day life of a travel agency imposes a dynamic daily routine. I am Director of Hospitality and therefore responsible for the relationship with all our stakeholders who are scattered in several cities and states and for managing a very diverse schedule of tasks.

I am very curious and this characteristic urges me to map out opportunities, seek interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary knowledge. Therefore, in my spare time, I write in my blog “Viaje com a Alice” my impressions about sustainable tourism and raise travelers’ awareness about the importance of seeking and, above all, how to think about travel itineraries with purpose and positive impact.

My professional goal is to put hospitality into practice in the corporate environment by putting people first, to encourage training on sustainability and its importance in tourism business, but above all because it is the right thing to do.

My dream is to make sustainable tourism affordable for all and not a luxury for some and I believe this can become a reality by spreading the culture of ESG in small and medium sized businesses in the sector, as it is a very important sector to meet the challenges of sustainability.

Why think about sustainability in the tourism sector?

In a recent Deloitte survey, millennials were asked what the primary purpose of businesses should be. More than 63% responded that “improving society” is more important than “making a profit.” Add to this the fact that in recent years, more and more people have become concerned about the impact of their consumptions, whether the company they are buying from has a sustainable commitment or not.

This is happening because of a better understanding of how important it is to care about sustainability, not just for the environmental issue, but because people began to understand that we all live in the same world and are responsible for it.

But what about tourism?

It’s been long years of homogenizing product portfolios, disenchanting customers, and dehumanizing service. Fortunately, the sector of tourism has woken up and understood that it needs to reinvent itself and rescue its values of diversification, differentiation, enchantment, humanization, and purpose for existence.

The solution lies in understanding that environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability is a competitive advantage for business. As Larry Fink told his clients in 2019, purpose and profit are inextricably linked.

We must always remember that travel is a powerful tool for transformation. When we travel we distribute income, we care for the environment, we learn history, geography, art, gastronomy and, above all, we learn to respect the other who receives us, who is different from us.

That is why traveling is not only a verb, an action, it is also attitude and behavior. Every trip has a reason, every reason has a purpose, and that purpose can always add value to travelers.

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Olá, eu
sou a alice

Olá! Meu nome é Alice Assad Wassall, eu sou consultora de sustentabilidade no turismo. Estou aqui para ajudar você a identificar o propósito da sua empresa e a adaptá-la a todas as tendências da sustentabilidade. 


perfil viaje com alice

Un blog sobre la sostenibilidad en el turismo

Se você quer ler em português, clique aquiIf you want to read in english, clique hereLa sostenibilidad y los negocios de impacto positivo son temas que, de alguna manera, siempre han estado presentes en mi vida. Esta es una de las razones por las que hoy en día la sostenibilidad

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